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Keyboard Geography



Keyboard Geography

How To Name The Keys On The Piano Keyboard


Keyboard Geography is kind of like World Geography, where you learn where all the countries, the rivers, the oceans, and the mountains are located.

And in piano lessons, you will have to learn the names of the keys, and where the notes are located on the piano keyboard.

The piano keyboard has white and black keys.

The black keys are divided into groups of 2 black keys and groups of 3 black keys.

Let’s concentrate on the groups of 2 black keys first: to the left of the 2 black key group is C.

Once you know where C is, it is easy to find D and E.

So we have C D E

Now look at the groups of 3 black keys: to the left of the 3 black key group is F.

Once you know where F is, it’s easy to find G. So F and G.

Now we have only 2 more keys to learn, which are A and B.

Remember, to the left of the three black key group sits F, so now it’s easy to find and play F G A B.

Then play all the keys on the piano keyboard and say them out loud while you play them: C D E F G A B.

Notice that you only have to learn these seven letters, which repeat themselves over and over again on the piano keyboard.

Have fun learning these!

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